Suspended Aquatic Mentor is proud to present our newest invention: the Backboard Floatation Assist Device™. The Backboard Floatation Assist Device™ was designed specifically to meet the needs of rescuers responding to a possible spinal injury in deep water (although the BFAD can be used in any aquatic enviornement).

We also offer two different types of standard backboards; Plastic, foam-filled for maximum buoyancy and marine grade plywood for near-neutral buoyancy.  All of our backboards have excellent weight to strength ratios.  If your guards lack the physical strength to submerge a plastic backboard, we recommend that you try the wooden ones.  Our backboards come with bottom runners, or are bottom tapered  for easy hand clearance and strap adjustment.

Our marine grade plywood backboards come with 4 coats of finish and wax. These backboards are easy to maintain and decontaminate.  Periodic application of bowling alley wax, or furniture paste will prolong the life of these boards.

Decontamination for either backboard can easily be accomplished by using nationally recommended procedures.  In the event of a scratch in the wooden board, light sanding and finishing will repair the board.

Backboard Flotation Assist Device® - Complete System
Product ID : 2 BFD 100
CO2 Cartridges - 6/pkg.
Product ID : 2 CO 02
Henley Board - Complete System
Product ID : 2 HB 1010
16" Henley Board with wooden runners
Product ID : 2 HB 1030AS
18" Henley Board with Pinned Hand Holds
Product ID : 2 HB 1032
18" Henley Board with wooden runners
Product ID : 2 HB 1032 AS
Backboard Straps - Set of 4
Product ID : 2 HB 1045
Universal Head Immobilizer
Product ID : 2 HN 01
Plastic 16” Pinned and Tapered Backboard
Product ID : 2 PB 2010
Plastic 18” Pinned Backboard
Product ID : 2 PB 2011